LAB 3.2 Antemortem inspection

1. Disease.  A zoonosis is a disease of animals which may be secondarily transmitted to man. The plural is zoonoses.

2. Drugs.  It is difficult to detect animals which have been given drugs then slaughtered without an adequate clearance time - but every effort is made to look for signs of this.  Obviously, animals still containing veterinary-grade drugs pose a health risk to consumers.

3. Accommodation.   The meat inspector is responsible for ensuring the lairage (the pen where the animal rests) and  animal holding standards meet the legal rquirements for the humane treatment of animals.

4. Humane slaughter .  The meat inspector is responsible for ensuring the animal feels no pain when slaughtered. Thus, the animal must first be rendered unscious before it is killed by exsanguination.

5. Separate sick animals.  The meat inspector is in charge of ensuring sick or crippled animals are separated from the group for special attention. Animals may be healthy and walking normally when they board their transport, but their condition may change during the journey.