Comparison of Traditional and Industrial Farming Practices

Traditional Practice Industrial Alternative
General system Mixed Specialized
Reliance on technology Minimal Substantial
Forage preservation Sun dried Dryers, processors
Water for growing Natural Irrigation
Fertilizer Manure Chemical
Weed control Manual Chemical
Management Extensive Intensive
Environment Natural Modified
Housing None - minimal Total confinement
Genotypes Adapted, dual purpose Selected, specialized
Bedding Straw, none Sand, shavings, none
Feed delivery Manual Mechanized
Feed availability Variable Continuous
Mating Natural Artificial insemination
Prolificacy Normal Enhanced
Suckling periods Natural patterns Shortened
Disease prevention None Substantial
Immunity Natural Enhanced by vaccinations
Sanitation Minimal Substantial
Energy All solar
No subsidy
Very little in or out
Considerable subsidy
Chemical in Biological out

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