"Free Afternoon" Activities


“Free Afternoon” Activities

ISAE 2016 has organized two planned excursions that will be taking place on the ‘Free Afternoon and Evening’ of Thursday the 13th October 2016. See below for detailed information on each excursion.

Mountsberg Raptor Centre & African Lion Safari

A visit to the Mountsberg Raptor Centre followed by a tour of the Aviary Section of the African Lion Safari.  Please note that the African Lion Safari will be opening exclusively for the ISAE 2016 attendees, as it is normally closed for the season.  A private dinner will then be provided for participants.

Departure from the ISAE2016 venue 13:30, return to the venue 21:30.

mountsbergraptorcentreMountsberg Raptor Centre

 From the size of soda cans to eagles with wingspans wider than the height of most adults, Mountsberg Raptor Centre has over two dozen birds of prey; each with a unique story.While the extensive wetlands area supports various natural habitats for a wide diversity of plants and animals, the Mountsberg Conservation Area is truly a birdwatcher’s paradise. During spring and fall migration, thousands of birds, particularly waterfowl, flock to the lake, while hundreds of songbirds flit through the forest and meadows.The Raptor Centre has been providing educational and entertaining displays since 1994. It is currently home to 15 different species of native birds of prey, including Eagles, Falcons, Hawks, Owls, and Vultures.

African Lion Safari

African Lion Safari (Aviary Section)

African Lion Safari is a family-owned safari park that includes more than 1,000 animals, representing over 100 species of mammals and birds from across the globe.

African Lion Safari has focused its breeding efforts on psittacines since 1980. The park has been successful in breeding many larger species including the Military, Blue and Gold, Green-winged and Scarlet macaw. Some of the species are second and third generation offspring. Today this collection has grown to include between 40-60 parrots as well as several non-parrot species. African Lion Safari’s main objective is to continue to maintain a collection of diverse psittacines that can be used for breeding, education, training and display.

In 1979, the Birds of Prey Conservation Centre opened at African Lion Safari with the goal of providing visitors with an opportunity to view raptors in close proximity. Within the first year of opening, the birds started to reproduce and today the Conservation Centre is home to one of the most diverse collections of raptors in Canada including many endangered and threatened species including the Bald eagle, Golden eagle, Peregrine falcon, Lugger falcon, Barn owl and Ferruginous hawk.

To date, African Lion Safari has released into the wild the Bald Eagle in Missouri, Ferruginous hawks in Alberta, Burrowing owls in Alberta and Barn Owls in Ontario and Illinois.
African Lion Safari is a participant in a captive breeding programme for the Loggerhead Shrike, a critically endangered songbird in Canada. African Lion Safari also focuses its conservation efforts on other bird species including the stork, cane and flamingo and hopes that it can provide healthy specimens for future conservation and breeding initiatives.

Bird Kingdom & Niagara Falls

birdkingdomBird Kingdom

Imagine a journey in search of the legendary Lost Kingdom. Along the way encounter exotic birds, animals and reptiles. An adventure that is fun for all ages! This incredible experience begins at the mysterious Old Museum where you will feel like you have travelled back in time. Your journey takes you to the Explorer’s Base Camp where you can get up close and hold friendly parrots, exotic birds and animals.

The adventure continues as you wander through the first aviary where the smallest of our beautiful winged wonders flying freely around you. Explore the Night Jungle and where you can see night creatures including owls and bats.

At last, Discover The Kingdom! Be amazed as you enter the World’s Largest Free Flying Indoor Aviary. Watch exotic colourful birds fly and play in the multi-level rainforest. Wander on the path that starts at the top level and takes you behind the 40 ft. waterfall down to the jungle floor.

Niagara FallsNiagara Falls

At your leisure, you are then welcome to visit Niagara Falls (within walking distance) and return back to the Conference venue by the pre-arranged transportation. Departure from the ISAE 2016 venue 14:00, return to the venue 20:30.

Niagara Falls, more specifically, is the name of three waterfalls – the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. The Canadian side of Niagara Falls located between Goat Island and Table Rock is known as the Horseshoe Falls. With the highest flow rate and beauty, Horseshoe Niagara Falls becomes a holiday spot for millions of people every year.

Niagara Falls is the biggest waterfalls in the world, by the volume of whopping water siphoned at an average of 750,000 gallons each second.