Cows in Sand

Herd Variables


The environment of the herd can be altered with each run, as desired. Below are the variables that can be altered.

Number of cows in milk
Minimum number of milking cowsCows purchased
Maximum number of milking cowsCows culled
Max. number of DIM365 d
Max. age of open heifers744 d, Culled
Min. days dry49-60 d
Min. interval CTFS42 d
Min. days open50 d
Max. # services4
Cut-off to dry off4.5 kg
Death loss0.04
Percentage Heifers0.50
Young sire usage0.35
Estrous detection success0.70
Non Breeding policy0.80 below herd LPI ave., anytime
" 0.90 below herd LPI ave., GT 160 DIM
" 1.00 below herd LPI ave., GT 240 DIM

Top LPI cows in the herd are mated to proven sires. Different kinds of barns, milking systems, employees, can be reflected in the labour costs that are input to the program. Types of feed can also be reflected in the feed costs.