Robert M. Koch

Date of Birth: May 15, 1924 in Sioux City, Iowa.

Date Married: July 12, 1946 to Virginia Terrett.  They had 3 sons.

1942 - Entered the US Army - 395th Infantry as Second Lieutenant.

1948 - BSc degree received from Montana State University.

1950 - MSc degree from Iowa State University.
1953 - PhD degree from Iowa State University.

1952-1976 University of Nebraska, leader of beef cattle breeding research.
 * Co-leader of cooperative research with ARS at Fort Robinson.
 * Consultant on mission to Colombia.
 * Chair of Animal Science Department.
1972 - located at US Meat Animal Research Center.
 * Elected to the Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement.

1976 - Received the Award in Animal Breeding and Genetics from ASAS.

Dr. Koch's early research was on the development of an effective record of performance for the beef cattle industry.  He studied the genetic and environmental biological relationships among maternal and direct genetic effects influencing weaning weight.  He was the first to observe that a superior maternal environment had a permanent negative effect on the subsequent maternal capability of the beef cow.  He conducted a major project to evaluate heterosis in breed crosses.  He has been a participant on the germ plasm evaluation project for beef cattle.