Robert E. McDowell

Date of Birth: June 27, 1921 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Date Married:

1942 - BSc degree from North Carolina State University.

1942-46 - Served in the US Marine Corps.

1946 - Joined the Bureau of Dairy Industry, USDA at the Sandhill Experiment Station in South Carolina.

1947 - Transferred to Beltsville as Dairy Husbandman.

1949 - MSc in Animal Physiology from University of Maryland.

1955 - Ph.D. in Animal Science from University of Maryland.

1962-66 - Program Director, Genetics and Adaptability Investigations, USDA.

1966 - Second MSc in World Food Development from University of Maryland.

1967 - Joined the faculty at Cornell University as professor of International Animal Science.

His research was on quantifying physiological responses of cattle to heat stress; management systems to reduce heat stress; crossbreeding of dairy cattle using Zebu and European breeds.  At one stage he had animal research projects going on in seven different countries.  He has worked with 15 institutions in 11 countries looking at environmental factors affecting the performance of cattle, buffaloes and goats, and constraints of traditional farming systems.  He was made a Distinguished Professor of the University of Puerto Rico, a Senior Professor Facultad de Agronomia, Central University in Venezuela, and was a member of the Board of Directors of the International Livestock Center for Africa (ILCA).  He wrote a book entitled "Improvement of Livestock Production in Warm Climates" and wrote chapters for 8 other books, 21 bulletins, 14 symposia papers, and 26 invited papers.