William George Hill


Current Posts:  Professor of Animal Genetics, Dean and Provost of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Edinburgh.

Date of Birth: August 7, 1940, Hemel Hempstead, England

Married with 3 children.

Degrees:  BSc(1st Honours), London, 1961.  MSc, California, 1963.  PhD.,Edinburgh, 1965.  DSc., Edinburgh, 1976.

Honorary: FRSE (Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh) 1979.  Fellow of Royal Society 1985.

University of Edinburgh appointments:
1965-83, Assistant lecturer, lecturer, reader in genetics.
1983, Professor of Animal Genetics.
1989-1990, Head, Department of Genetics.
1990-1993, Head, Institute of Cell, Animal & Population Biology.
1993-1998, Head, Division of Biological Sciences.
1999- , Dean and Provost, Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Sites Visited:
 Department of Genetics, University of Minnesota.
 Department of Statistics, Iowa State University.
 Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University.

Consultant Geneticist:
1965-99 Cotswold Pig Development Company Ltd.
1978-98 Holstein Friesian Society.

Prof. Hill's research interests included population and quantitative genetics theory as applied to livestock improvement; genetics of domestic and laboratory animals; statistical methods for genetic evaluation; theory on the maintenance of variation in populations; effects of population size, mutation, and selection on population dynamics and evolution.  Prof. Hill has published over 200 papers and has editted several books and technical reports.

Prof. Hill has taught quantitative genetics, population genetics, animal breeding, and statistics.  He has supervised more than 40 research students, and has given post graduate courses in Europe and the USA.  He has been an editor (or on the editorial board) for Genetics; Genetical Research; Heredity; Genetics, Selection, Evolution; Theoretical Population Biology; Biometrics; Animal Production; J. Agricultural Science; Livestock Production Science; Animal Breeding Abstracts; and Proc. Royal Society, Series B.

University of Edinburgh:
1988-90, Convenor, Faculty of Science Postgraduate Studies Committee.
1997-99, Convenor, University Research Committee.
1999- , Dean-Provost, numerous others.

1999-2000, Vice-President, British Society of Animal Science.
1996, RAE Biological Science Panel, Chair designate 2001.
1998-, Commonwealth Scholarships Commission.
1998-99, COSHEP Research Advisory Group.
1984- , Director's Advisory Group/Board of Governors, Roslin Institute.
1986-92, AFRC Animals Research Grants Board.
1993-94, Council, Royal Society.
1987- , Sectional/Research Fellowship/Research Grants Committees, Royal Society.
1998-2000, Research Fellowships Committee, Royal Society of Edinburgh.
1986- , Permanent International Committee WCGALP, 1990 President.
Various industry R&D committees.