Albert Eugene Freeman

Date of Birth: March 16, 1931 in Lewisburg, West Virginia.

Date Married: 1957 to Christine Ellen Lewis.  They had 3 daughters, Patricia, Lynn, and Ann.

1952 - BSc from West Virginia University in dairy husbandry.

1954 - MSc from West Virginia University in animal breeding.

1957 - PhD from Cornell University with Dr. C. R. Henderson in animal breeding.

1957 - Joined faculty at Iowa State University, in dairy cattle breeding.

1965 - Became full professor at Iowa State University.

1968 - Became Section Leader of the Animal Breeding Group

1978 - Received the Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professorship,
      - National Association of Animal Breeders Research Award from ADSA,
      - Chair of the ADSA Production Section

1979 - Received the J. R. Prentice Memorial Award in Animal Breeding and Genetics.

Dr. Freeman's research emphasis has been on sire and cow evaluation, estimation of genetic parameters, and related problems in dairy cattle.  In 1972 he began research on sire evaluation for dystocia with Midwest Breeders Coop.  Sires of all breeds have been evaluated nationally for ease of calving since 1977.  Cooperating on this research were Jeff Berger and John Pollak.  Other areas of research have been genetic and environmental influences on milk constituents; management and type traits; culling procedures and their relation to pedigree selection; predicting future production; the effectiveness of pedigree and sire selection; correlated responses in traits of economic importance; and estimating genetic gain.