Biographies of Animal Breeders

This site contains sketches of the lives of scientists who made their careers in animal breeding and genetics.  Anyone may contribute a biography to be included in this site.  Send a picture of the person and their specific details to Dr. L. R. Schaeffer at the University of Guelph.

Table of Contents
Cundiff, Larry
Falconer, Douglas Scott
Freeman, Albert Eugene
Henderson, Charles Roy
Hill, William George
Kennedy, Brian Wayne
Koch, Robert M.
Legates, James Edward
Lush, Jay Laurence
McDowell, Robert
Misztal, Ignacy
Pirchner, Franz
Politiek, Rommert
Rae, Al
Robertson, Alan
Rothschild, Max
Skjervold, Harald
Smith, Charlie
Willham, Richard Lewis