Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 2002

Location: Cornell University

Dates: May 10-11
Speaker Instit. Topic
Xianghi Ye  Guelph Markers for fat and protein yields
Renate van Dorp  Guelph Risk factors associated with locomotion
Larry Schaeffer  Guelph Survival analysis using random regression models
Larry Schaeffer  Guelph Estimation of non-additive genetic effects
Guilherme Rosa  MSU The problem of miscoded genotypes on genetic map construction and QTL analysis
Jim Wilton  Guelph Quantitative and genomic information in beef cattle
Reynold Bergen  Guelph Ultrasonic measurements
Yachun Wang  Guelph Estimation of parameters for calving ease
Bob Weaber  Cornell Genetic evaluation in large commercial herds
Dave Kirschten  Cornell Genetics of feed efficiency
Rob Tempelman  MSU Accounting for heterogeneity of residual variance in generalized linear mixed models with an application to the analyses of birth weights and calving ease
Daniel Maizon  Cornell Effects of risk factors on time from calving to conception in SRB cows
Joe Zhang  Cornell A simulation study on the algorithm incorporating external genetic evaluation results