Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 2001

Location:  University of Guelph

Dates: May 7-8
Speaker Instit. Topic
Joe Zhang  Cornell Genetic evaluation incorporating external EPDs
Bob Weaber  Cornell Estimates of fixed effects for Simmental ultrasound carcass measurements
John Pollak  Cornell Update on the National Cattlemen’s Beef Assoc. Carcass Merit Project
Yachun Wang  Guelph Nonlinear relationship between birth weight and calving east determined by ecological analysis in a multi-breed commercial beef herd
Flavio Schenkel  Guelph Two step and random regression analyses of weight gain of station tested beef bulls
Ann Gibbins  Guelph Chicken transgenesis and modification of the lysozyme gene
Rob Tempelman  MSU Some perspectives on improving MCMC implementations in animal breeding
Fernando Cardoso  MSU Bayesian quantitative genetic inference for situations of uncertain paternity using a reduced animal model
Kadir Kizilkaya  MSU Hierarchical Bayesian extensions to the threshold model with an application to calving ease in Italian Piedmontese
Yuefu Liu  Guelph Finite mixture models for marker-assisted analysis of quantitative traits
Kui Li  Cornell The genetic diversity evaluation of Chinese indigenous pig breed resources by microsatellites 
Bonnie Mallard  Guelph Breeding for high and low immune responses
Yule Pan  Guelph Genetics of Neospora caninum infection and transmission