Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1999

Location:  Michigan State University

Dates: March 22-23
Speaker Instit. Topic
E.J. Pollak  Cornell National Cattlemen's Beef Association Carcass Merit Project
Hector Castillo  Cornell Effect of herd environment on the genetic and phenotypic relationships among some economically important traits in first calving Holsteins
Shannon Schafer  Cornell Scrotal circumference: Does size really matter?
Jan-Thijs van Kaam  Cornell QTL detection in broilers
Cathy Ernst  MSU Overview of current research projects in the molecular genetics laboratory
Melvin Pagan  MSU Evaluation of candidate genes for growth and carcass merit in beef cattle
Charles Farber  MSU Comparative mapping of human chromosome 12 genes in the pig 
Jeanne Burton  MSU Candidate genes of immunocompetence: our first experiences with the bovine glucocorticoid receptor gene (a panel discussion)
Ronald Bates  MSU The development of a swine resource population for detection of QTLs
Ricardo Cardellino  MSU International beef cattle genetic evaluations
Kadir Kizilkaya  MSU Genetic analysis of calving ease scores in Italian Piedmontese cattle 
 Peter Saama  MSU Quantifying genetic variation in immune responses using mixed effects smoothing spline models
Larry Schaeffer  Guelph Canadian test day model for dairy cattle
Mingfeng Luo  Guelph Categorical data analysis of calving ease
Steve Miller  Guelph Beef bulls on the Web
Bethany Muir Guelph Analysis of feed intake in dairy cattle
Guilio Pagnacco  Guelph Using marker brackets to set up relationships