Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1998

Location:  University of Guelph

Dates: June 1-2
Speaker Instit. Topic
Dick Quaas  Cornell Bayesian estimation with a reduced animal model including polygenic and QTL effects
Andrew Skol  Cornell Effect of selective genotyping on estimates of gene effects and power to detect linkage in BC and F2 populations
Zhiwu Zhang  MSU Power and accuracy of detecting linkage between quantitative trait loci and genetic markers
Massoud Malek  Guelph A simulation study to evaluate optimal strategies for selection on a quantitative trait using major gene information
Zhihua Jiang  Guelph Mapping of QTLs for prolificacy in swine candidate gene approach
John Gibson  Guelph Outline of molecular research at Guelph
Xuelu Liu  Guelph Random regression for genetic evaluation of test-day feed intake
Gerrit Kistemaker  Guelph Adjustment for heterogeneous herd-test-day-parity variances
Steve Miller  Guelph Dynamic biological traits:  A novel approach to modeling growth, feed and carcass data
Eugenia Cienfuegos Cornell Interactions in milk yield by Holstein cows in Mexico and the United States
Paul Boettcher  Guelph Survivability traits in dairy cattle
Nilson Broring  Guelph TBA 
Gord Vandervoort  Guelph Optimizing breeding schemes based on nonlinear profit functions
Michele Edwards  Guelph Breeding for niche markets or production efficiency
Bethany Muir  Guelph Relationships of energy balance in early lactation with health and reproductive traits in Holstein cattle
Jeya Nadesalingam  Guelph QTLs
Anouk Behara  Guelph Genetic distances among species of horses