Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1997

Location: Cornell University

Dates: March 3-4
Speaker Instit. Topic
Paul Boettcher  Guelph Genetic analysis of clinical lameness in dairy cattle
Hector Uribe  Guelph Random regression models for conformation traits
Fernando Grignola  Guelph Bull evaluations for herdlife and somatic cell scores between US and Canada
Balan Sivanadian  Guelph Response to selection using different indexes
Gerrit Kistemaker  Guelph A study of different random regression functions for production traits
Janusz Jamrozik  Guelph Test-day model for Canada 1998
John Pollak Cornell Computer-assisted instruction program for teaching applied genetics
Man-cang Dong  Cornell Clustering of birth contemporary groups (BCG) for Simmental cattle
Eugenia Cienfuegos  Cornell Genotype by environment interaction for productive and reproductive traits for Holstein cows producing in Mexican and USA environments
Dick Quaas  Cornell Fitting lactation curves
Hector Castillo  Cornell Effect of herd level of management on the genetic and phenotypic relationship among milk yield, fertility and somatic cell score in Holstein cattle
Dick Quaas  Cornell Prediction with uncertain dispersion matrix
Zhiwu “Joe” Zhang  MSU Power to detect linkage between marker and quantitative trait loci
Thomas Mark and Lars Nielsen  MSU Projects utilizing data from the Danish FY-BI program
David Norris  MSU Estimation of nonadditive variance components
Ron Bates  MSU Plans for selection of puberty and lean growth in pigs
Chu-Li “Charlie” Chang  MSU Expected responses from selection on currently available criteria of genetic merits
Dwayne Faidley  MSU Phenotypic relationships between reproductive fitness and composition traits of Limousin replacement heifers
Cathy Ernst  MSU Evaluation of candidate genes and identification of QTL for growth and meat quality in cattle and swine:  Plans for the future at MSU