Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1996

Location:  University of Guelph

Dates: March 18-19
Speaker Instit. Topic
Rob Tempelman  MSU Mixed models for genetic inference on count data
Vincent Ducrocq  Cornell Survival analysis
Ivan Mao  MSU Calculations using test-day records
Julio Carvalheira  Cornell Test-day models following autorergressive processes
Janusz Jamrozik  Guelph Alternative functions for random regression test-day model
Gerrit Kistemaker  Guelph Random regression models:  Comparative study
Mohammad Moradi Shahrbabak  Guelph Test-day model for Iran
Konrad Kulak  Guelph Sub-indexes for total merit indexes
Jeanne Burton  MSU Molecular anyone?
Dennis Banks  MSU Breeding programs in university herds
Chaeyoung Lee  Cornell Direct-maternal correlations 
Dennis Banks  MSU Maternal and growth effects in beef and sheep
Bert Klei  Cornell Multiple breed EPD
Ivan Mao  MSU Nonadditive genetic effects
Dennis Banks  MSU Carcass traits
Paul Boettcher  Guelph Cytoplasmic effects
Ken Koots  Guelph Incorporating foreign type proofs into domestic proofs.
Steve Miller  Guelph Superbreed beef model
Hector Uribe  Guelph Random regression model for US type traits
Hassan Mehrabani-Yeganeh  Guelph Optimizing breeding strategies in pure line poultry stock