Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1993

Location:  University of Guelph

Dates: March 22-23
Some of the information for this meeting was lost.  Thanks to Fabiola Canavesi for supplying the information.
Speaker Instit. Topic
Mike Lohuis Guelph Effect of continuous genetic evaluation on genetic response in progeny test programs
Jim Brisbane Guelph Simulation studies on inbreeding and genetic gain under selection in livestock
Hector Uribe Guelph Genetics of common diseases in Holstein cattle
Fabiola Canavesi Guelph Effects of including a sire by herd interaction in an animal model when variances across herds are heterogeneous
Rainer Roehe Guelph Efficiency of an approximate animal model for maternal and direct genetic effects of litter size in swine
Ming Wei Guelph Dominance variance and genetic correlation between purebred and crossbred performance for egg production
Curt Van Tassell  Cornell Comparison of variance component estimates using Gibbs sampling and REML in selected and unselected populations
John Pollak  Cornell Update on Simmental research
Chaeyoung Lee  Cornell Factors for predicting daily milk yield for AM/PM test
S.-F. Hsu Schmitz  Cornell Determining the minimum sample size required to obtain sufficient progeny with a desired genotype at two quantitative trait loci
Dick Quaas  Cornell Creating a list of informative animals for genetic evaluation
Hans Meyer  Cornell Estimation of production loss due to mastitis
Ann Gibbins Guelph Transgenic birds through chimeric intermediates
Yibin Wang Guelph Power of tests to detect marker associated quantitative trait effects
Mike Lohuis Guelph Genetic response from optimized dispersed hybrid MOET nucleus schemes in dairy cattle
Renato Irgang Guelph Variance components and heritability estimates for litter traits in Duroc, Landrace, and Large White sows