Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1992

Location: Cornell University

Dates: March 23-24
Speaker Instit. Topic
Margaret Lamb  Guelph Problems in multi-trait variance components estimation in beef cattle
Rainer Roehe  Guelph Genetic improvement of little size under a maternal effects model
Jim Brisbane  Guelph Correlations of estimated breeding values among relatives
Kjell Johansson  Guelph Prediction of breeding values and dominance effects with an approximation of the dominance relationship matrix
Peter Amer  Guelph Comparison the accuracy of economic weights from linear and quadratic profit equations
Ken Koots  Guelph Economic selection indexes for beef cattle
Bert Klei  Cornell Predicting genetic merit of imported bulls from data collected in the exporting country
Doug Wright  Cornell Senepol sire evaluation update
Julio Carvalheira  Cornell Comparison of Landim and Africander cattle in southern Mozambique
Fritz Schmitz  Cornell Optimal relaxation factors and ways to restrict solutions in a test-day model
Curt Van Tassell  Cornell Parameter estimates for 305-day ME records and 305-test-day residual records
Jose Trovo  Cornell Region of the University States by age of dam interactions for birth and weaning weights in Simmental field data
Mark Thallman  Cornell An indirect method of computing REML estimates of variance components
Barbara Ward  Cornell Inbreeding in the Simmental cattle population and its effect on performance traits
Dick Quaas  Cornell Equivalent reduced animal models
Andreas Hofer  Guelph Genetic evaluation for a quantitative trait controlled by polygenes and a major locus