Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1990

Location: Cornell University

Dates: March 19-20
Speaker Instit. Topic
Curt Van Tassell  Cornell Considering sire relationships in herd by sire interaction
Dana Palmer  Cornell A retrospective study of American Simmental sire EPDs for weight traits
Brent Woodward  Cornell TBA
Steve Kachman  Cornell A model for test-day production
Doug Wright  Cornell Estimated progeny differences and genetic trends in weaning weight of the Senegal cattle on St. Croix
Robert Park  Guelph Potential economic impact of biotechnology of dairy cattle
Robert Park  Guelph Lactation transition probabilities in herd life expectancies in dairy cattle
Raphael Mrode  Guelph Genetic parameters for body weight in beef cattle
Mike Lohuis  Guelph Embryo transfer results in a dispersed nucleus/MOET AI testing scheme
Pekka Uimari  Guelph Mixed model methodology to estimate additive and dominance genetic values under complete dominance and inbreeding
Georgios Banos  Guelph International sire comparisons
Larry Schaeffer  Guelph Estimation of variances and covariances in multiple-trait animal models
Beyene Kebede  Cornell Estimation of additive and nonadditive genetic effects of growth, reproductive and productive traits of crossbred (B Taurus x B. indicus) cattle under different environmental conditions in Ethiopia
Jack Dekkers  Guelph Prediction of response to selection due to linkage disequilibrium with selection on best linear unbiased predictions
K. Nadarajah  Guelph Evaluation of AI bulls for fertility