Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1989

Location:  University of Guelph

Dates: March 20-21
Speaker Instit. Topic
Brian Sullivan  Guelph An animal model evaluation for conformation
Rob Tempelman  MSU Additive and dominance genetic variances of production and conformation traits
Paola de Rose  Guelph The need for repeated measurements on station-tested bulls
Olwen Southwood  Guelph Estimation of maternal and cytoplasmic genetic variances
Terri Moore and Just Jensen  MSU Subsets of data or traits for REML estimation
Esa Mantysaari  Cornell Variance component estimation for categorical data
George Smith  Guelph Canadian dairy information exchange
Ivan Mao  MSU Intraherd variances
Tom Short  Cornell Genetic and environmental parameters of milk yield and calving interval at different levels within herd variance
Fritz Schmitz  Cornell Herd x year x season clustering
Gwang-Joo Jeon  Guelph MOET schemes 
David Keller  Guelph Improving theoretical predictions of selection response in closed nucleus breeding schemes
Georg Teepker  Guelph Variable embryo yields and donor cow selecting in nucleus breeding schemes
Steve Kachman  Cornell Test-day data model with individual herd correction factors
Tatiana Stanton  Cornell Milk response to US Holstein sire selection in Columbia, Mexico and Puerto Rico
Flora Ngwerume, Morton Svendsen, 
Just Jensen and Ivan Mao 
MSU Net efficiency of energy conversion