Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1988

Location: Cornell University

Dates: March 28-29
Speaker Instit. Topic
Dale Van Vleck  Cornell Covariances for milk, fat and protein with the animal model
Dorian Garrick  Cornell Heterogeneous variance in weight traits by sex and percent purebred from the American Simmental population
Esa Mantysaari  Cornell Estimation of genetic parameters for reproductive traits in Finnish Ayrshire cattle
Maria Carabano  Cornell Variance and covariance estimates for milk and fat in Spanish and US samples of dairy cattle population
Kevin Wade  Cornell Genetic parameters for production traits of dairy cattle in California, New York and Wisconsin
Tatiana Stanton  Cornell Milk response to U.S. Holstein sire selection in Mexico and Puerto Rico
Susan Armstrong  Guelph Feed intake, weaning weight and economic optimization
Liqun Fan  Guelph Prediction of lean content in the carcasses of varying breed groups from sample dissected joints
Janusz Jamrozik  Guelph Updating procedures for animal models
John Gibson  Guelph Animal breeding and the formulation of payment systems for milk
Brian Sullivan  Guelph Comparison of two pseudoexpectation methods for estimation of variance components
Larry Schaeffer  Guelph Heterogeneous variances and dairy sire evaluation
Johan van Arendonk  Guelph Method to estimate genotype probabilities
Paola de Rose  Guelph Productivity and profitability of twin-bearing beef cattle
C. R. Henderson  Cornell Modeling sire x herd interaction when sires are related
Ann Gibbins  Guelph Mapping and sequencing animal genomes applications to animal breeding
Alanna Kerr  Illinois Empirical Bayes in the mixed model