Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1987

Location:  University of Guelph

Dates: March 23-24
Speaker Instit. Topic
Dorian Garrick  Cornell Aspects of selection for performance in several environments with heterogeneous variances
Man-cang Dong  Cornell Estimation of genetic (co)variances for production, survival, and reproduction
Harris Wright  Cornell Genetic parameters in Canadian Simmentals
Bob Yerex  Cornell Development and implementation of the Cornell dairy herd simulation system
Vincent Ducrocq  Cornell Length of productive life in dairy herds:  An application of survival analysis techniques to an animal breeding problem
Just Jensen  MSU Some applications of transformation algorithms in multitrait mixed models
Ivan Mao  MSU Field estimates of net energy efficiencies and their genetic implications
Ivan Mao  MSU Contribution of herd information to bull dam selection and to prediction of young bullís transmitting ability
C-J. Jeon  MSU Genetic responses in production and milk market values from selection by various predicted different values for sires
J. C. Schneider  MSU Bias of high cow index dams in predicting sonís PD, and consideration of age at selection of bull dams
Ivan Mao  MSU Effect of equal and unequal sampling intervals on accuracy of estimating total lactation yield 
Brian Kennedy  Guelph The pseudo expectation method of variance component estimation and the effects of selection on estimates
Kashmeri Raheja  Guelph Fertility traits in dairy heifers and cows
Bjarne Gjerde  Guelph Body traits in Salmonids and estimates of genetic parameters
Ingemar Gustavsson  Sweden Recent progress in chromosomal analysis in relation to fertility impairment in domestic animals
Charles Smith  Guelph The value of indictor traits in genetic improvement of milk yield
Jim Wilton  Guelph EPDs for beef bull test groups