Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1986

Location: Cornell University

Dates: March 17-18
Speaker Instit. Topic
Harris Wright  Cornell Heritability and repeatability of weaning weights
Brent Woodward  Cornell Adjusting weaning weights to an age constant basis
Naomi Wray  Cornell Gestation lengths in American Simmentals
Yuzhen Zhao  Cornell Threshold model for calving ease scores
Kees Huismans  Cornell Predicting selection response with a stochastic mode
Christian DeVeer  Cornell Genetic parameters for milk yield at three production levels
Dorian Garrick  Cornell Genetic trends in New Zealand pig poplations
Andy Robinson  Cornell Multiple lactation covariance component estimation
Larry Schaeffer  Guelph Estimation of variance components under a selection model and other problems
Brian Kennedy  Guelph In search of cytoplasmic inheritance
Brian Kennedy  Guelph Update on swine genetic evaluation programs
Dave Trus  Guelph Direct and maternal evaluation for maternal traits in beef cattle
Paola deRose  Guelph Heritabilities of traits measured on performance tested beef bulls
Brian Sullivan  Guelph Estimation of variance components and breeding values in dairy goats
Brian Van Doormaal  Guelph Relationships among subjective milking speeds, productivity and conformation in Canadian Holsteins
K. Nadarajah  Guelph Direct and maternal estimation of breeding values in beef cattle
C. R. Henderson  Cornell A simple method for examining the effects of selection on the solution to mixed model equations
C. R. Henderson  Cornell Prediction errors computed from the coefficient matrix for reduced models
Mauricio Elzo  Cornell Trends in Simmental sire usage
Bob Everett  Cornell Services per conception from breeding receipts
Dale Van Vleck  Cornell Multiple lactation heritabilities and genetic correlations
Brian Kennedy  Guelph Evaluation within and across herds for traits with and without maternal effects