Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1985

Location:  University of Guelph

Dates: April 1-2
Speaker Instit. Topic
Alanna Kerr  Guelph Impact of ET technology on Canadian Holsteins
Brian Van Doormaal  Guelph Prediction of sire proofs for stayability
Mike McMorris  Guelph Comparison of beef crosses
Dave Trus  Guelph Discussion of maternal evaluation
Asko Maki-Tanilla  Guelph BLUP and a finite number of loci
Brian Kennedy  Guelph Estimation of variance of response to selection
Brian Kennedy  Guelph Effect of positive assortative mating on genetic parameters in a simulated beef population
Jim Wilton  Guelph Preferential mating and treatment in beef sire evaluation
Vincent Ducrocq  Cornell Effects of selection for secondary traits on genetic gain for milk production in dairy cattle
Hermann Swalve  Cornell Dairy sire evaluation in Austria, Switzerland and West Germany
Harris Wright  Cornell Using sire proofs for within herd evaluation in Simmental cattle 
Mark Boggess  Cornell Comparison of registered grade and combined sire evaluation in northeastern United States
Ben Abubakar  Cornell Evaluation of the performance of Holsteins in Mexico and Columbia
Charles Henderson  Cornell Estimation of additive genetic variances by MIVQUE and REML under RAM
John Pollak and Dick Quaas  Cornell Update on Cornell Simmental evaluation
Brian Kennedy  Guelph Update on Guelph swine evaluation