Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1984

Location: Cornell University

Dates: April 26-27
Speaker Instit. Topic
Jeff Keown  Cornell Lactation curve fitting for milk, fat and protein
Tom Lawlor  Cornell Estimation of variance components considering selection
Dale Van Vleck  Cornell Is there h2 after AI?
Dick Quaas  Cornell Genetic groups in joint cow and sire evaluation (R. A. Westell dissertation research)
Larry Schaeffer  Guelph International comparisons of AI bulls
Gail Belonsky  Guelph Genetic evaluation of swine under selection—a simulation study
Spencer Hudson  Guelph Development of an animal model for genetic evaluation of swine
Dan Dwyer  Guelph Selection bias in calving ease proofs
Brian Van Doormaal  Guelph Aspects of genetic evaluation for stayability
Gerald Jansen  Guelph Selection and mating methods of a nonlinear merit function
Mauricio Elzo  Cornell American Simmental Association data
Yuzhen Zhao  Cornell