Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1983

Location: University of Guelph

Dates: April 18-19
Speaker Instit. Topic
Daniel Sorensen Guelph Estimation of genetic parameters in selected populations
Larry Schaeffer Guelph Sire and cow evaluation under multiple trait models
Bob Kemp Guelph Simmental young sire proving program
Alanna Kerr Guelph Calving interval and milk production
Gail Belonsky Guelph Within-herd evaluation of swine
Dan Dwyer Guelph Calving ease evaluation with a maternal grandsire model
C. R. Henderson Cornell Estimation of variances and covariances under multiple trait models
Tom Lawlor Cornell Milk, fat and protein variances and covariances
Julius van der Werf  Cornell Bias in single trait evaluation from selection on correlated traits
Dick Quaas  Cornell Within herd evaluation of inbred lines
John Pollak  Cornell Estimation of response to selection
Paola Rozzi  Guelph Beef production from a dairy herd—a simulation study
Andy Robinson Guelph Simulated genetic progress from a microcomputer record system for beef
Gerry Friars Guelph Experiments in quantitative genetics