Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1982

Location: University of Guelph

Dates: December 2-3
Speaker Instit. Topic
Jerry Taylor  Cornell Application of EM algorithm for multiple trait REML:  Semen production traits
Dale Van Vleck and Dan Dwyer  Cornell Comparison of iterative procedures for solving sire equations
Bob Everett  Cornell Multiple trait sire evaluation
Mike DeLorenzo  Cornell AP sampling for milk, fat, and protein
C. R. Henderson  Cornell Gametic models for repeated records
C. R. Henderson Cornell Some additional results on BLUP
Daniel Sorensen  Guelph Problems associated with the estimation of response to selection
Alanna Kerr Guelph Covariances between days open and milk production
Anne McClelland  Guelph Comparison of objective and subjective measures of milking time
Tag Ali Guelph Relationships between external body measurements and dystocia