Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Colloquia

Year: 1982

Location: Cornell University

Dates: April 26-27
Speaker Instit. Topic
John Pollak  Cornell Computational advantages in sire evaluation resulting from transforming milk, fat, and protein yield records
Jerry Taylor  Cornell Unconditional sampling and prediction error (co)variances
Hugh Blair  Cornell Evaluating response in selection experiments with and without a control
Steve Smith  Cornell Productive lifespan and lifetime milk yield:  A failure time analysis
C. R. Henderson  Cornell BLBP and BLE
Daniel Sorensen  Guelph Genetic drift and properties of A
Gerald Jansen  Guelph Sire evaluation for economic merit
Anne McClelland Guelph Sire evaluation for milking speed
Brian Kennedy Guelph Genetic evaluation of swine for growth rate and backfat by BLUP
Kjell Johansson  Guelph Estimation of genetic parameters of fertility traits in pigs by approximate MIVQUE
Daniel Sorensen  Guelph Selection problems in variance component estimation