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10-637 Animal Models
Lesson 5 Assignment
L. R. Schaeffer, March 1999

Using simulation, generate one hundred, 100, males from a population which had frequencies of pA=0.6 for $\mbox{A}_{1}$ and pB=0.2 for $\mbox{B}_{1}$, and 100 females from a population with frequencies of pA=0.3 and pB=0.7. Mate each male and female only once to produce one offspring. Assume that aA=2, aB=1, dA=0, and dB=0.

Calculate the expected and actual frequencies of all 9 possible genotypes in the progeny generation.
Estimate the gene frequencies at each locus from the actual data in the progeny generation.
Calculate the amount of joint disequilibrium in the progeny generation by comparing actual gamete frequencies to expected gamete frequencies.
Calculate the genetic variance at each locus separately and for both loci together using the actual data (not estimated frequencies), then verify that

\begin{eqnarray*}0.5*(\sigma^{2}_{G} - \sigma^{2}_{G_{A}}
- \sigma^{2}_{G_{B}})...
...B}) \\
& = & 2 \alpha_{A} \alpha_{B} D + 4 d_{A} d_{B} D^{2}.

Repeat the step 4 with dA=1 and dB=-0.5.

Larry Schaeffer