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10-637 Animal Models
Lesson 3 Assignment
L. R. Schaeffer, March 1999

p = .34 for \( \mbox{A}_1 \)
q = .66 for \( \mbox{A}_2 \)
a = 1    
d = .5,    


Calculate the expected values (using the above parameters) for the population for the following items:
Genotypic frequencies.
Genotypic mean and variance.
Additive deviations and variance.
Dominance deviations and variance.

Sample 50 males and 50 females to produce 50 offspring from a population with the above parameters. Each male and female are mated once each to produce one offspring.
Calculate p and q for the sample of 50 offspring.
Repeat requirement 1) using the sample estimates.
How well do the results compare to the expected values?

Suppose a locus has three (3) possible alleles with frequencies, p, q, and u. Assume Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and determine the formulas for genotypic frequencies, mean, and variance.

Larry Schaeffer