Animal Breeding Methodology - Course Details

Lecture Times:

Mon, Wed, and Fri

ANNU 156

10:30 - 11:20 AM

Lab Times:

W, ANNU 102, 12:30 pm

F, ANNU 102, 11:30 pm


MBG*3060 Quantitative Genetics

Office Hours:

After 2:30 PM Mon through Thur

Teaching Assistant:

Katheryn Martin


There is a strong emphasis on computing and statistical methods for genetic assessment of animals and breeding programs; the development of appropriate linear models for analysis of data; the estimation of genetic parameters; and the measurement of genetic change in populations. Genetic theory is reviewed as needed. Statistical methods and computing (using R) will be used heavily.

  • To integrate quantitative genetics with statistics and biology to evaluate the breeding merit of animals.
  • To perform and understand simple data analyses for predicting breeding values of livestock.
  • To appreciate differences among livestock species and their production systems.
  • To apply new technologies in reproduction and molecular genetics on livestock improvement programs.


AssignmentsDue Mondays20
MidtermOctober 20-25, 7:00 PM40
Where ???
Bonus ProjectsNovember 24up to 5 bonus
FinalDecember 13, 8:30 AM40


  • TA grades all Assignments.
  • LRS grades exams
  • No electronic devices for exams.
  • Make-up exams will be oral exams.

Bonus Essays, Up to 5 Marks

Collect at least 3 newspaper or popular magazine articles (keep date and source) involving genetic discoveries or developments. For each article, write a one paragraph summary of the article, and another paragraph (or more) about how the article relates to the genetics or this course, and what it means for livestock improvement in the future. Attach a copy of each article (with the source of the article) to your essays.

If you have an idea for a similar project which you would like to do in place of the above, then please discuss with instructor first.