University of Guelph    


James L. Atkinson
Associate Professor

B.Sc. U.M.I.S.T., M.Sc. London, Ph.D. Guelph

Jim Atkinson


    Research Interests

  • Evaluation of hairball control diets for cats. A major marketing tool in the pet food area in the last year has been the sale of diets designed to help cats eliminate hairballs. Current research efforts with ShurGain are directed at designing and refining a protocol to examine the efficacy of these.
  • Recent Publications

  • Valdes, E.V., D.J. Hellinga and J.L. Atkinson. 2000. Nutritional adequacy of three diets fed to black-footed ferrets (Mustela migripes) at the Toronto Zoo. Zoo Biology. (Submitted).
  • Moccia, R.D., R.M. Gurure, J.L. Atkinson and G.W. Vanderberg. 1998. Effects of the reapportioning agent, ractopamine, on growth and body composition of rainbow trout, Oncorhyncus mykiss (Walbaum), fed three levels of dietary protein. Aquaculture Res. 29:687-694.
  • Reidy, T.R., J.L. Atkinson and S. Leeson. 1998. Size and components of poult yolk sacs. Poultry Sci. 77:639-643.
  • Nyachoti, C.M., J.L. Atkinson and S. Leeson. 1998. Evaluation of Magadi soda-treated sorghum grain for young broilers. Animal Feed Sci. Technol. 70:295-304.
  • Nyachoti, C.M., J.L. Atkinson and S. Leeson. 1997. Sorghum tannins: A review. World's Poultry Sci. J. 53:5-21.
  • Nyachoti, C.M., J.L. Atkinson and S. Leeson. 1996. Response of broiler chicks fed a high-tanning sorghum diet. Appl. Poultry Sci. 5:239-245.
  • Gurure, R.M., R.D. Moccia and J.L. Atkinson. 1996. Apparent digestibility and amino acid availability of six feed ingredients by Arctic Char. Bull. Aquacul. Assoc. Canada 96-1:32-34.