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[IMG]bar-mouthng piglet (source unknown).jpg2005-10-04 13:03 3.1K 
[IMG]crib collar (source unknown).jpg2005-11-29 18:54 5.8K 
[IMG]crib-collar III (source unknown).jpg2005-11-29 18:54 5.9K 
[IMG]bar-chewing sow (source unknown).jpg2007-02-08 07:38 6.4K 
[IMG]tail chaser D Mills).jpg2007-02-11 18:34 6.8K 
[IMG]results of severe self-biting (M Novak).jpg2005-10-04 10:08 7.7K 
[IMG]results of severe self-biting.jpg2007-12-03 23:08 7.7K 
[IMG]Parrot pluck (D Mills).jpg2007-02-08 09:17 8.5K 
[IMG]toe chew dog (D Mills).jpg2007-02-08 09:13 9.2K 
[IMG]very barbered (NL).jpg2007-02-11 18:34 9.5K 
[IMG]BarberedSH1 (Naomi Latham).jpg2007-02-11 18:33 13K 
[IMG]polar2(ZooCheck).jpg2003-07-18 17:55 14K 
[IMG]Horse_woodchewing (source unknown).jpg2005-11-29 18:58 14K 
[IMG]pigbar-mouthing (source unknown).jpg2005-10-04 13:11 15K 
[IMG]tongue-roll cow (D Broom).jpg2003-10-31 06:26 15K 
[IMG]kneading cat (source unknown).jpg2007-02-11 18:33 15K 
[IMG]tiger3(ZooCheck).jpg copy.jpg2003-03-30 14:31 15K 
[IMG]BarberedSH2 (N atham).jpg2007-02-11 18:33 16K 
[IMG]Pacing bear (Heinrich_Hediger).jpg2005-11-15 09:05 18K 
[IMG]plucking parrot (D Mills).jpg2006-05-31 02:32 20K 
[IMG]cribbing-straps (F Odberg).jpg2007-02-06 12:12 20K 
[IMG]Typical stalled sow set-up (source unknown).jpg2007-02-06 10:17 20K 
[IMG]horse w crib collar (source unknown).jpg2005-10-04 13:30 20K 
[IMG]tiger1(ZooCheck).jpg2003-07-18 17:55 21K 
[IMG]wolf(ZooCheck).jpg copy.jpg2003-03-30 14:31 23K 
[IMG]giraffe fence-licking (M Bashaw).jpg2005-11-15 10:00 23K 
[IMG]barbered striped mouse (M Jones).jpg2006-02-08 17:22 26K 
[IMG]Oystercatcher (Tinbergen).jpg2007-02-06 10:19 26K 
[IMG]self-biting rhesus (M Novak).jpg2005-10-04 10:08 27K 
[IMG]self-biting rhesus.jpg2007-12-03 23:08 27K 
[IMG]Fig 4, Chap 6.jpg2005-04-26 11:50 29K 
[IMG]Giraffes wall-licking (M Bashaw).jpg2005-11-15 10:00 29K 
[IMG]elephant weaving (D Mills).jpg2005-11-15 09:07 39K 
[IMG]Weaving bars (J Cooper).jpg2007-02-06 11:22 40K 
[IMG]barbered chinchill a (Marina Ponzio).jpg2005-01-20 14:56 41K 
[IMG]Horse wood-chewing - close-up (source unknown).jpg2005-11-29 18:41 42K 
[IMG]Young horse crib-biting (A Badnell-Waters).jpg2007-02-06 12:12 51K 
[IMG]EE kennels (Ch 7).jpg2006-07-25 12:30 51K 
[IMG]shock apparatusF Odberg).jpg2007-02-06 17:38 53K 
[IMG]Polar bear with bag (David Sheperdson).jpg2007-02-11 18:33 53K 
[IMG]bar-chewing sow (R Bergeron).jpg2005-11-15 10:03 54K 
[IMG]Bar-mouthing mice (H Wurbel).jpg2007-02-11 18:33 55K 
[IMG]Eye-poking (Melinda Novak).jpg2005-04-26 11:51 58K 
[IMG]Fig1, Chapter 6.jpg2005-04-26 11:51 58K 
[IMG]wood chewing (A B-Waters).jpg2007-02-08 06:51 61K 
[IMG]Box weaning (A B-W).jpg2007-02-08 06:49 64K 
[IMG]Polar bear swaying (BFF).jpg2005-12-12 18:03 69K 
[IMG]Joe's t-maze.jpg2007-02-07 18:11 69K 
[IMG]cribbing horse (C Nicol).jpg2005-10-04 13:30 73K 
[IMG]Asiatic black bear performing operant (S Vickery).jpg2007-02-06 10:16 86K 
[IMG]Paddock weaning (A BadnellWaters).jpg2007-02-08 06:48 86K 
[IMG]allo-plucking parrots (J Gilardie) parrots.jpg2005-11-07 09:33 98K 
[IMG]barn weaning (A B-Waters).jpg2007-02-08 06:50 99K 
[IMG]crib surgery - post-operative (D Mills).jpg2007-02-08 09:15 104K 
[IMG]Fig 6, Chapter 6.jpg2005-04-26 11:51 105K 
[IMG]horse bar-chewing (GJM).jpg2006-09-10 18:29 133K 
[IMG]Figure 3, Chapter 6.jpg2005-04-26 11:51 152K 
[IMG]vomiting oranguten (D Mills).jpg2007-02-08 09:10 162K 
[IMG]ocd cat (D Mills).jpg2007-02-08 09:16 170K 
[IMG]weaving Bars (D Mills).jpg2007-02-08 09:07 218K 
[IMG]weaving bricks.jpg2007-02-08 09:09 238K 
[IMG]chainbite sow (Willem Schouten).jpg2005-12-07 09:16 257K 
[IMG]barbite sow 1 (Willem Schouten).jpg2005-12-07 09:17 265K 
[IMG]Pacing bear (Brian Seaton) footsteps.jpg2007-02-07 08:27 275K 
[IMG]kennel stress (D Mills).jpg2007-02-08 09:24 291K 
[IMG]tree chewingD Mills).jpg2007-02-08 09:10 292K 
[IMG]kennel circling (D Mills).jpg2007-02-08 09:15 295K 
[IMG]Bear rocking (BFF).jpg2005-12-12 18:03 333K 
[IMG]tail rubbing (D Mills).jpg2007-02-08 09:11 337K 
[   ]Thumbs.db2007-02-22 09:58 375K 
[IMG]spike collar (D Mills).jpg2007-02-08 09:17 391K 
[IMG]Tiger mid-pace (Born Free Foundation).jpg2005-12-12 18:03 477K 
[IMG]Fig2, Chapter 6.jpg2005-04-26 11:51 486K 
[IMG]barbered lab albino mouse (N Latham).jpg2005-10-04 12:43 607K 
[IMG]giraffe tongue-playing (M Bashaw).jpg2005-11-15 10:00 687K 
[IMG]pacing polar bear (GJM).jpg2006-09-10 17:27 700K 
[IMG]Barbered rat (C Burn).jpg2004-05-16 00:54 750K 
[IMG]Rat ar biting girls (C Burn).jpg2004-07-19 23:48 1.1M 
[IMG]barbite sow II (Willem Schouten).jpg2005-12-07 09:17 1.5M 
[IMG]cockatoo chest (D Mills).jpg2007-02-08 09:14 1.5M 
[IMG]walrus without tusks.jpg2005-02-02 16:57 2.0M