Jaguar E-Type OTS


This Series One roadster was delivered originally by Jaguar Cars New York to Mr. E. Donati, Long Island, NY on 11 April, 1962. The ownership passed subsequently to Mr. J. Foster, Sauquott, NY, who drove it until 1980 and then stored it for ten years. Since acquisition by me in 1990, a total restoration to like or better than new condition was completed with considerable assistance from a professional shop. With some reluctance, in 2002, the vehicle was sold to another member of the Ontario Jaguar Qwners' Association.

As a testament to originality, this vehicle is accompanied by a certificate from the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust indicating that all component numbers and colors match those of the original car as delivered by Jaguar Cars New York. The excellent overall condition is readily apparent since, soon after completion of the restoration, this automobile placed first in the JCNA Driven Category, with a score of 9.962, at the Ontario Jaguar Owners Association Concourse d'Elegance show in June, 1997. The subsequent upkeep has also been exemplary since the vehicle recently received 9.982 points at a similar concourse show in June, 2001.