Gordon James King

Home address:
R. R. #6 Stn. Main
Guelph, ON, Canada N1H 6J3
Telephone: (519) 824-0787


Office address:
Dept. of Animal & Poultry Science
University of Guelph
Guelph, ON, Canada N1G 2W1
Fax: (1 519) 767 0573

BORN: June 8, 1932; Toronto, Canada CITIZENSHIP: Canadian & British

Senior Matriculation; East York Collegiate, 1950
First Class Teaching Certificate; Toronto Teachers College, 1952
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Toronto, 1959
Master of Science; University of Guelph, 1966
Doctor of Philosophy; University of Guelph, 1968
Certificate in Electron Microscopy, University of Toronto, 1969

Public School Teacher
; East York Board of Education, 1952-54

Private Veterinary Practice; Georgetown, Ontario, 1959-60. General veterinary practice serving farm and companion animals

Field Veterinarian; Hamilton District Cattle Breeders, Hannon, Ontario, 1960-62. Professional service to treat infertility and improve reproductive performance of cattle in regional herds.

Technical Manager; Hamilton District Cattle Breeders, 1962-65. Responsible for the entire operation of the artificial insemination center including bull management and health, collection, processing, storage and distribution of frozen semen, plus training and supervision of all field staff (15 inseminators) providing service to regional farmers.

Faculty member; Department of Animal and Poultry Science, University of Guelph, with rank of Assistant Professor from 1968 to 1970, Associate Professor from 1970 to 1975, Professor from 1975 to 1997 and Professor Emeritus from 1998. Various activities performed as a member of the agricultural faculty included.

Academic: Contributions to college teaching included developing the first elective courses on animal reproduction offered for both the degree and diploma majors in animal science and the course on tropical livestock production for the minor in international agriculture. Appointment to the graduate faculty afforded opportunity to participate in the advanced courses in reproductive biology plus the supervision of postgraduate students. The most recent teaching contribution was developing the instructional segment covering "Livestock Production and Industry" for the OAC Vision 95 program. This included preparing a series of background notes that are available on the Internet as a supplement to most lecture topics. In addition, storyboards, graphics and texts were prepared or outlined for a number of interactive, multimedia, teaching modules intended for use in conjunction with this course.
Research: Emphasis concentrates on: i) Reproductive Efficiency of Cattle and Pigs. This program functions to identify important production limiting reproductive problems and to develop practical solutions which should maximize biological performance. Subsequent application-extension phases may also include the implementation of new or modified technology to the extent this can be justified economically.
ii) Endocrinology, Immunology and Microscopic Aspects of Pregnancy Establishment in Domesticated Mammals. The goal of this project is to contribute towards a better understanding of physiological processes that enable the conceptus to develop within the potentially hostile uterus. Knowledge generated through these basic studies may allow eventual development of procedures that improve livestock performance through reducing the substantial embryonic losses occurring during early gestation. Significant Research Contributions.
International Development: Employment at the University of Guelph presented numerous opportunities for involvement with the design and execution of production oriented livestock research projects in developing countries through consulting missions with FAO, IAEA, CIDA, SIDA, the International Foundation for Science, the Canadian Association of Animal Breeders and other similar organizations. This aspect provided opportunity to become involved in livestock production and research in many African, Asian and Latin American countries. Assignment Details.

  • Nuffield Foundation Traveling Fellowship (1980).
  • Elected to Fellowship in the Institute of Biology (1982)
    ---Altered to Fellow of the Society of Biology (FSB) after a union of the IOB and Bioscience Federation in 2009.
  • NSERC Scientific Exchange Fellowship (1988)
  • University Professor Emeritus (1998)


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