Featured videos

Jim Squires

Jim Squires ( OAC video )

Jim is a faculty member and department chair who studies the metabolism and genomics of production animals with the goal of improving their health and productivity.

Kate Shoveller

Kate Shoveller ( OAC video )

Kate is a faculty member who focuses on improving the lives of cats and dogs by taking an in-depth look at their nutrition.

Peter Park

Peter Park ( 3 min. thesis )

Peter Park shares his Three Minute Thesis on the spot in only one take. Peter won the 2016 University of Guelph 3MT competition for his talk on delivering fresh, healthy and ethical pork.

Elijah Kiarie

Elijah Kiarie ( OAC video )

Elijah is a faculty member in the department and holds the McIntosh Family Professorship in Poultry Nutrition.

Emeritis Prof. L.R. Schaeffer ( Award )

Prof. L.R. Schaeffer ( Seminar )

CGIL professor emeritus Dr. Larry Schaeffer was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Agricultural Science from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in recognition of his contributions to statistical genetics and animal breeding.