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Calista Vogelzang

Position/Title: M.Sc. (Thesis) Student

Calista originally started at the University of Guelph in 2012 pursuing a degree in Environmental Engineering. After three semesters, she decided to take a chance and follow her passion studying animal sciences and changed majors to the Animal Biology Honours program offered at UoG with the intention of applying to OVC. After taking several animal science courses, Calista, who had enjoyed the genetics unit in her high school biology classes, rediscovered her love for the field and started to reconsider her options after graduation. 


During a volunteering trip to Guatemala in 2016 with V.I.D.A Volunteering's Vet Team, Calista confirmed that her interests were not in veterinary medicine, but rather scientific research. Having chosen to take an undergraduate research course supervised by Dr. Christine Baes in her final semester of undergrad, there was no doubt in Calista's mind that she was to pursue a Master's Degree in Animal Breeding and Genetics. 

Calista began her Master's Degree in September 2016 supervised by Dr. Christine Baes with a focus on contributing to characterizing genomic inbreeding in Canadian dairy cattle.