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Sherri Cox

Position/Title: Ph.D. Student, Executive Director Research Innovation & Knowledge Mobilization
Phone: x 54100
Office: Research Innovation Office

I have the privilege of working for the University of Guelph in the Research Innovation Office. I am also a wildlife veterinarian and volunteer my time to the National Wildlife Centre where we help thousands of sick, injured, or orphaned wild animals every year. These animals are brought to wildlife rehabilitation centres, which are authorized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. I educate students and wildlife rehabilitators about wildlife rehabilitation medicine, and I provide medical and surgical care to wildlife in need. Many animals are brought into centres with various illnesses, others are brought in starving and emaciated from being orphaned for a prolonged period of time.


My Ph.D. research focuses on wild animal welfare. With thousands of medical records, I hope to better  understand key reasons why animals are brought into wildlife centres in the first place. I am also looking into the health status of black bear cubs brought into wildlife centres and compare some parameters with healthy cubs found in the wild. I will look at emaciated animals and how we can improve outcomes for these patients. If an animal has been starving for a period of time, feeding them too much or an improper diet can lead to mortality. I hope to provide guidelines for wildlife rehabilitators in order to keep more animals alive and restored to full health for their eventual release back into the wild.